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About the Center for Community Health Improvement
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The SPCC Center for Community Health Improvement

Southern Prairie Community Care established the Center for Community Health Improvement (CCHI) to advise SPCC in its effort to carry out and achieve the Southern Prairie mission "to enhance the quality of life for our citizens by facilitating the integration of services and supports provided within our community."

The Center for Community Health Improvement convenes community partners who are interested in making measurable and sustainable improvements in the health of the residents in SW Minnesota, including local stakeholders and from local vendors of services both public and private that subscribe to the principles of the Triple Aim. 

The Center's Approach for Community Engagement

The public and private member organizations of the SPCC communities have a longstanding history of collaboration and commitment to improving the health outcomes of their very diverse and most vulnerable populations. The Southern Prairie community believes good health is a community asset and all residents must have access to healthy food; safe and affordable housing; transportation; a safe environment for work and play; and health care and information to make healthy decisions.

The Center employs various methods to assess the health of the SPCC population and the community and using and building on existing assessments and data available.  The Center leads dialogue with representative stakeholders on issues identified from the evidence, and works with them to understand the issues, develop recommendations, and identify priorities for programs and projects that will address the most difficult gaps in health needs and health care in our region.

The Center serves as the forecaster of health needs for the SPCC, thinking strategically 3-5 years into the future considering assessment of national, state and local trends, and develop recommendations on new organizational structures, care models, partnerships, data sources and uses and payment models to best meet the needs of the region.

The Center seeks to provide recommendations on quality improvement efforts and programs to address issues that require a collaborative evidence based improvement effort in two areas:

  • Environmental Public Health
  • Gaps in Health Care

The Center provides advice and feedback to the SPCC Operations Team regarding the evolution of the Community Care Team concept and model and informs the use and continuous improvement of the model based on a review of outcomes.

The membership: The Center membership is balanced between SPCC board and operations representatives, public and private providers of care and services, and consumers.

  • SPCC Board and Operations Representatives serve as liaisons to the Center to promote transparency, ensure alignment with SPCC mission, and facilitate ongoing communications between the Center and Southern Prairie Community Care Board of Directors.
  • Public and Private Sector Providers of Care and Services assist the Center in reviewing major health trends in their communities, and identifying and recommending action to address issues of concern.
  • Consumers assist the Center in assuring recommendations for programs to be developed are understandable and useful to the consumer.
  • Health Plans and Other Investors assist the Center in identifying mutually beneficial projects and opportunities for partnership to advance the triple aim in the SPCC region.

Principles: The Center is committed to collaboration, community based solutions, broad participation, evidence of need and improvement, sustainability, thriving, and especially serving vulnerable populations. The Center’s guiding principles are:

  • Build off of a platform of patient centered care with both public and private sector health care providers
  • Engage residents in seeking health and health care locally first
  • Utilize a data-driven model that connects the entire care community
  • Rationalize resources that encourage local providers that can achieve cost and quality expectations
  • Adopt a broad definition of health to include a supportive environment
  • Build upon  local partnerships and community strengths
  • Focus on early intervention and prevention
  • Implement a Community Care Team model of care that incorporates public and private providers
  • Ensure sustainability through system changes that are durable
  • Include culturally appropriate initiatives
  • Create the infrastructure for community –based research and evaluation
  • Use the "rural health" platform to find and utilize grants, programs, initiatives that advance SPCCs mission

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